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Some estimates put the energy saving to well over 1000 times more efficient due to conventional heat sealing operations being operated continuously i.e. the sealing heads are always hot which is not the case with ultrasonic welding.

Rainbow Mythology

'The rainbow can be described as a Universal symbol of Harmony, and can therefore be recognised by all, whatever language or creed, for it is the symbol of pure life, and has often been denoted as the bridge between God and Man. '

'For Buddhists, the rainbow is "the highest state achievable before attaining Nirvana, where individual desire and consciousness are extinguished."

The Fang of Gabon ( Africa ) are initiated into the religion by a "transcendent experience when they arrive at the rainbow's center, for there they can see both the entire circle of the rainbow and of the earth, signaling the success of their vision." The Fang also prohibit their children from looking at the rainbow.

'The Seven Rays flowed from the white light at the centre and, through this diffusion of light, each Ray carried with it one colour from the glorious spectrum of the rainbow'

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